A name for electronic cigarettes is v2 e cigs

“It’s here finally”. Good news has arrived finally for cigarette smokers. It is a new invention of science and technology that can prevent the smoke to come out of the cigarettes. The name of this new invention is Electronic cigarettes, it is commonly known as e- cigs. So, from now onwards, if one finds a person smoking cigarette that too without any smoke coming out of it then don’t be surprised. A blessing for many of the cigarette smokers who objected the notion of banning cigarettes in public places, they can now freely smoke without any obligations. It is also known as a smokeless cigarette .The concept was brought forward by Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963 but it actually came into existence in 2000, when Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, invented this device.

Though it was not famous unless and until and UK based company v2 e cigs started manufacturing this electronic miracle for smokers. There are many brands which have started selling this product but till date they have not able to beat the leader, v2 e cigs, in this field. This electronic style of smoking cigarettes contains nicotine which comes out as vapour.It is safer than the normal cigarettes as it does not contain harmful chemicals Such as tar and tobacco.

Some information about v2 e cigs

A company v2 e cigs with it new ideas and techniques has been able to curb the market and has emerged as a leader. The company is progressing because it has clearly understood the importance of customers and knows it very clearly that in order to sustain in this competitive market the most important work of the company should be to satisfy its customers. It has become so popular that even the most vicious electronic site that is smokers Utopia has given its views about the product .It is a great achievement for any company to be featured under this website.

Advantages of E-Cigarettes

It has manufactured various kinds of e cigarettes considering the different kind of clients the advantages of its products are:-L-25-menthol__71635_zoom

  • ·         Cost effective-It comes in a variety of range and also in different prices .So it tries to cater the need of all kinds of customers.
  • ·         Self Guide/Start up Kit- if a person is switching over from normal cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, the starter kit will educate him how to use the product effectively and also give information on several uses of the product. It also contains necessary items such as batteries, USB charger, manual etc. This is done to make the transition hassle free.
  • ·         Different flavors- It has a variety of flavors to chose from apart from normal nicotine, a person addicted to smoking can try menthol, strawberry, cola  etc flavors’ for a change.
  • ·         Adjustment of nicotine intake-The best part of it is that the level of intake of the nicotine can be controlled by the smoker. So a smoker can easily adjust the level of nicotine. There are total four different nicotine adjustment levels.

There is no doubt why the product of this company is under so much demand. Their electronic cigarettes are designed in such a way that the customers would be tempted to buy it. The increasing popularity of e-cig might lead to more number of smokers because of its innovative features and stylish appeal.